Oregon Coast Family Shoot

What makes this shoot fun is that I didn't have much equipment with me. The evening light was irresistible, though, so we wandered out to see what we could capture. I grabbed the dog's water dish and used it as a light modifier. These shots were taken with a Nikon D3s, a 28 - 70 f2.8 lens, and the water dish of two labrador retrievers, one of whom is pictured here. 

Once the sun went below the horizon, the colors became much cooler. Sometimes I like to put a warm filter (CTO) on the flash so that later when I correct the colors of the skin, everything else goes really blue. I believe that's what I did here.

These next photos (except the lighthouse) were taken with the iPhone. I found myself leaving the big camera home quite a bit this summer and wandering about with just my iPhone. I'll post some of my iPhone street photography another time. Here are some more from our time on the Oregon coast.

The shoot was fun for everyone except our friend Sandy who had the unglamorous job of holding the water dish above her head and aiming it.